The script has very user friendly and responsive design based on the bootstrap v3. You can add products using the admin panel. All you just need an envato account and and API key. The script is 100% automatic and lets you add products using different ways like from urls, from envato categories, from searching etc. The script let you import 100’s of products on a single click and automatically add your envato username at the end of the all links which will lead to the envato sites. So when user buy a product or deposite money you will get 30% commission. Also there is another opportunity of making money through google adsense. You can add and edit ad codes using the powerful admin panel.
- Fixed the search form submit button issue on the site's main page.
- Fixed the dropdown overlay issue on main website page.
- Added Auto update product on page load and settings from admin.
- Fixed price filter on category and search.
- Fixed popup issue on search page.
- Fixed issue of adding of featured author.
- Fixed main product image Overflow issue on mobile screen
- Added new show more button for description on mobile screens.
- Overall optimize the script
- Fixed Minnor css issues.